Munchkins September 2022

Well, here is to the last week of summer! It is bitter sweet but I am sure there is plenty of us that are ready to return to the routine that the school year brings us. We have had an awesome summer at Munchkins, playing with our friends, making slip n slides, jumping and sliding in the bouncy shark, making sand castles and moats, gardening, crafting, heading to the beach among the countless other adventures we have embarked upon this summer. Our skin is sun kissed and our smiles are big as we head into September.  

This week we will celebrate our “big kids” as they make their transition into kindergarten next week! We will be throwing them a bash on Thursday and sending them off with well wishes into kindergarten. A lot of these kids have been with here at Munchkins since they were wee babies and will be dearly missed! It has been an honor and privilege to be a part of their early lives and education and see them grow into the wonderful young people they are! We wish them all the best on their adventures ahead.  

Of course, with the goodbye of our oldest children we welcome with open arms, new faces. We are looking forward to getting to know all of you and know that all the children are looking forward to making some new best buddies 😊  

September brings the most beautiful weather for us to explore in, warmth with the changing season and so much to see and do in our neighborhood. We will be heading back out on field trips this month, hiking, picking fruit, baking, exploring our environment around us and taking advantage of the changing seasons and the activities it brings us! We are excited to spend this time with the children while we explore their curiosity, helping them find the answers to all their questions!

We are also making a family tree, if you can please send your child with a family photo to add to our tree it would be greatly appreciated! 

As always please send your children with extra clothes labeled in a ziploc bag, bathing suit, appropriate outside wear, sunscreen applied (if needed), a water bottle and a large nutritious lunch and snacks. 

We are outside rain or shine and love to get dirty so please wear play clothes and expect to get dirtier clothes in return with smiles 😀  

If your child will be absent for the day please text the Munchkins phone 250-463-5437 (KIDS)- this phone is not monitored on weekends or after hours. If you need anything beyond an absence, please contact Sam. Call or text 250-803-2996  

Fees are due on the first of the month. For schedule changes or withdrawal, 30 days’ notice is required. 

Our new calendar with closures will be posted and texted out ASAP.   TRY THIS LINK TOO and save to your phone! BlindBayMunchkinsCalendar2022/23

We are closed the Monday or Friday following or preceding a holiday.  

As always, our sick policy is in place with us asking that you keep your child home for 24hours after their last symptom. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. 

We thank you for entrusting us with your most precious little people. We are blessed to spend our days with such amazing and creative humans.