Munchkins April Newsletter

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Happy Spring Everyone! We are so glad for this warmer weather! The children are having so much fun splashing in mud puddles, biking, exploring in the creek and enjoying everything outdoors! As the warmer weather brings rain and mud please make sure your children are equipped with proper outdoor gear! A one piece muddy buddy is the best investment ever if you don’t have one already! We utilize these for most seasons! You can buy a size up and use it for 2 years 🙂 They keep your little ones dry and their clothes cleaner! What parent doesn’t love that!?

On that note- if you are finding it a challenge to take home messy outdoor gear, feel free to leave it at the center. We will hang it to dry and shake it off or wash it. We are happy to make things easier for your family! Please make sure your gear is labeled!! We have an awesome fundraiser that is ongoing with *Emily Labels* –  easy name stickers you can stick on ANYTHING! They wash and don’t come off! Otherwise a sharpie works great too!

As we head out of winter we will be heading out on field trips! Please make sure your children are dropped off by 9:00am everyday. We will be jumping on the bus 2x/week (spontaneously- so everyone gets an adventure) and will not wait for late comers! We are equipped with car seats and seat belts on the school bus and will be going on local trips- hiking, parks, farm adventures etc… Our trips are based on the interests and diversity of our group and what suits them that day! We are excited to go out and explore our community. If we are headed out further than our local area (Kamloops zoo) – we will post a note prior to.  If you have any questions or concerns please let Sam know- 250-803-2996.

When pulling into the driveway for drop off or pick up, please park parallel to the fence and off to the left or right. Also follow the arrows and enter at the top and leave through the lower exit 🙂  This makes it much easier for multiple families to come and go through the driveway. Do not park in the middle or block the entrance with your whole vehicle- this makes it very difficult for anyone else to come in or out. Also please be mindful of pulling in front of staff vehicles at the end of the day if you plan on visiting or if your pick up takes a bit longer. Thank you so much we all appreciate it!

Stay updated as we figure out our new webpage ( where we will post updates/newsletters important information etc… We are hoping to have all our newsletters along with some great parent resources online soon!

We are so grateful for the wonderful group of children we get to spend our days exploring, playing and learning with! Thank you to all our families for raising such wonderful little people.