Updated COVID Policies Jan 2022

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Please find our 2022 updated COVID policies here:

COVID Updated Policies2022 

The biggest change being that children are no longer required to isolate when a close contact.

If a parent or household member is positive the child is not allowed to attend either.

We will not be required to close unless we cannot provide required staff to children ratio due to illness and lack of staff.

Children are still required to be symptom free to attend child care.

All children in school aged programs (Summit Kids and Shuswap Explorers) are required to wear a mask while inside. Please make sure your child has a clean mask to wear after school.

Any questions or concerns please contact Sam 250-803-2996


January 2022

Blind Bay Munchkins Blind Bay Munchkins Updates

Good Day to all our Munchkin families.

New year, same pandemic! As we embrace the new year here at Munchkins, I would like to thank our wonderful community that surrounds us as we are all tirelessly working and adapting throughout this pandemic, whether that means working from home- with or without kids or just the same old pandemic restrictions! You are all doing an amazing job and we are thankful to be here caring for your little ones.

Please take a quick read through our January Newsletter.

January 2022 Newsletter*Click to open*

Preschool Info

Blind Bay Munchkins Summit Kids Updates

Summit Kids Outdoor Preschool is now open for registration for children ages 3 to 5 years, we are waiting on a few website changes, but you can register online now through the Summit Kids page. There are a few questions on the registration form that are not applicable to Preschool just put N/A.

Please have your child PHN ready along with a recent and clear head shot.

The semester runs from Sept 21st to December 16th.  Total of 26 classes

Fall Semester: $480.00 or monthly payments of $120/month


Please read our Parent Handbook HERE… Preschool Parent Handbook    BEFORE REGISTERING


A $50.00 Registration Fee is required. All Fees due September 1st.

Preschool classes will run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:45am to 11:45a.m with the first class being on September 21st. This way we can all accommodate back to school schedules too!

This is an outdoor based preschool where we will be spending the majority of our learning time outdoors!

Classes will be held at different locations within Salmon Arm, Parents will be required to drop off their child at the class location. This allows us to start exploring, adventuring and learning right away, children will be transported back to Summit via our school bus and pick up will be at Summit Kids (1801 30St NE) .





Munchkins Newsletter

Blind Bay Munchkins Blind Bay Munchkins Updates


Munchkin Parents!

Please click on the following link to read our September Newsletter ——>Sept2021 Newsletter

Licensing still requires us to follow all COVID policies and procedures. Your child will be sent home if they present any symptoms, please have a backup care plan in place.

Please re-review our COVID policies here      —–>    COVID Updated Policies All Centers

We continue to encourage everyone to follow the direction of our health authorities. Remember that your bubble is our bubble and vice versa. We do not social distance from your children, we hug them and love them as they are. We thank you for being mindful of your interactions with others as we keep each other safe as a community.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Sam.

Please save this calendar of closures to refer back to- Calendars are also posted on all doors 🙂









Did you know that we participate in the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative?

The Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative  enhances child care affordability by offering funding to eligible, licensed child care providers to reduce and stabilize parents’ monthly child care fees.

This is automatically deducted from your child care fees every month!

If you’d like to see the exact fees with or without the CCFRI just check out our listed fees on our webpage.




Spring Update! READ our Covid-19 updates and policies here!

Blind Bay Munchkins Shuswap Explorers Updates

Well there finally looks like there is an end in sight as vaccines begin to roll out and flu season is coming to a close.

Shuswap Explorers strives to maintain a quality program for your children after school while supporting
the health and safety of our families and staff.

If you haven’t already please take a moment to read our updated policies and procedures around Covid 19. (Link at bottom)

Make sure your child is prepared to play outside after school- Our program is outdoor based, you will find us outside utilizing our forest and outside area.

As always we will post on our outside classroom door- where we have headed and the cell phone number of where we can be reached.

Upon pick-up, we will try to have your child ready to head out the door- if you must enter, masks are to be worn and social distancing practices are in place at all times. Be quick and mindful of others!

If your child will be absent PLEASE TEXT or CALL 250-803-2996.

We are a separate entity from the school and do not get notified if your child is absent or you have written in their agenda. PLEASE SEND A QUICK TEXT if your child will be absent!

Please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures in the link below if you have not done so already:

Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

Thank you for doing your part and keeping us all healthy and safe as we work together as a community.

If anyone needs care on school closures- we do offer Pro-D day camps and summer camps out of our location in Salmon Arm- Summit Kids- see website for more details.

Summit Kids Spring Update & COVID-19 Policies

Blind Bay Munchkins Summit Kids Updates

Summit Families!

Make sure your child is prepared for the day- we spend our days outside! Rain or Shine!

We will continue to have revised hours throughout the on-going pandemic as extra cleaning and sanitizing is needed- currently we are open from 7:30am to 5:30p.m.

At pick up – if we are inside, please text us to let us know you have arrived and we will send your child out. If you MUST enter- wear a mask inside at all times and social distance.

Please be patient as we come out the other side of this pandemic.

If you haven’t already, click on the following link to read our updated policies to reflect the current pandemic.

All families are required to read and agree to the revised policy before returning to Summit Kids.

We encourage all families to follow the direction of our provincial health officials.

Remember your bubble is our bubble and vice versa. We thank you for being mindful of your interactions with others as we work together to keep each other safe and healthy in our community.

Please visit this link below;

Updated Summit Kids COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Thank you from us all at Summit Kids!

2020 Shuswap Explorers Updates!

Blind Bay Munchkins Shuswap Explorers Updates

Well here we are rolling into February! We have been having a ton of fun snow shoeing, stomping around in the snow, adventuring in the forest, enjoying our friends company and playing after school!

We’ve had some big helpers come in and do some crafts and sensory projects with the kids after school- everyone has really enjoyed this!

We would like to remind families to please make sure your children have appropriate gear to play outside after school as we spend the majority of our afternoons outside!

Also spare clothes are a great to have. A large ziplock bag with a spare set of clothes- labeled works great and you can leave it in our room!

*Please send us a quick text or phone call if you child will be absent! We have a list of children attending and we are left looking for your child if you have not informed us of their absence! A quick text will do wonders!! *   



Spring Break is right around the corner- If you are looking for something fun for the kids to do-

Summit Kids in Salmon Arm offers 2 weeks of fun! Check us out on Facebook or text us for more info! 250-803-2996

2020 Summit Updates!

Blind Bay Munchkins Summit Kids Updates

Happy 2020 to all!

Here we are rolling well into February!  We have been having a ton of fun after school- visiting local parks, sledding, stomping around in the snow and playing with friends amongst doing crafts n such! Our latest Pro D Day we headed to Jump 360. What a hoot!

Please remember to send us a quick text if your child will be absent! **250-803-6306***  When we are not informed that your child will be absent we are left searching for your child which puts us behind on picking up other children who are left waiting. It is very IMPORTANT to send us a quick text or call!  If we continue to have families that do not inform us of absences they will be contacted and put on probation and may lose their space at Summit. Please be mindful of us all and let us know if your child is away for the day.THANK YOU!

If your child does not have a spare set of clothes in their backpack or left at the center please send one! Especially the under 7year olds- we are running out of our daycare spares! Just throw a spare set of clothes in a large ziplock- label and leave at Summit PLEASE 🙂

As always outdoor play is very important in our program- make sure your kids have appropriate gear for outdoor play.

Over Spring Break our hours will be 7:30 am to 6:00 p.m we will put out a schedule of events closer to.

If you will need care on days that your child does NOT usually attend please let us know ASAP as we fill up quickly.

REMINDER to Parents!!

On Pro- D Days please send your child prepared for the day!!

  • Large water bottle
  • Large lunch
  • Outdoor gear/clothes boots
  • Spare set of clothes! (we get dirty, wet etc…)


2020 Munchkin News

Blind Bay Munchkins Blind Bay Munchkins Updates

Well here we are rolling well into February and still lots of snow!

We have been having a ton of fun in all this snow! We have an awesome toboggan hill we have been spending lots of time on along with doing many sensory, baking and crafts!  Our days are packed with fun and playing as we strive to provide the best program we can for the children in our care! Remember as always to keep sending that outdoor gear, extra clothes and labeled items!

Please remember to keep your children home when they are sick- this helps stop the spread of infection. We value everyone’s health and try to keep germ sharing to a minimum which is hard when you’re little! So if you’re little one is showing signs- allow them the time they need to feel better!

Who is your back up care person? Do you have one? This person is someone you can call when your children are sick and you still need to be at work. This is vital in your support system. It helps ease the stress when your children are ill and shouldn’t be at daycare and the parents are still required to go to work.

We value our outside play! We go outside in all weather- please make sure your children have warm outdoor clothing that is waterproof! Layers is always great as the weather changes so much- little fleece sweaters are great to add under outdoor wear when its extra chilly- You can always label and leave in your child’s cubby!  Mittens!! Little finger ones and waterproof ones- the children tend to switch depending on the activity they are engaging in.

As always- LABEL- LABEL- LABEL!!! You can buy a whole booklet with your child’s name on these cute little stickers for so much cheaper than it is to replace all the things that go missing! Labels can be washed etc… They are durable! We put them on coats, shoes, mittens, sweaters, lunch boxes, containers, you name it and it can be labeled!! Labeling your things helps you get all your items back and helps the educators be able to return these items!!

I’ve found the best prices and variety at www.emilypress.com/bbmunchkins we also have a fundraiser set up there too- if you choose to order from here- just put in our school “Blind Bay Munchkins Childcare”

We require that children are dropped off before 9:00 am- this is beneficial to the children and the educators. Our programming is well on its way by 9:00 am, we have specifically planned out our routines & activities of the morning so children benefit from the programming that has been developed around their interests and routines. It is disruptive to the group when they are engaging in an activity and children are being dropped off late or having a hard time transitioning into the group. The educator is then not able to give her full attention to either child– a child who may be having a hard time transitioning— or the group that is engaging in a planned activity–.  This situation isn’t ideal for anyone.

The morning (7:30 am to 8:30 am) is ideal and set up for educators to be able to help with children transitioning in to the program. Activities in the early morning are set up with this in mind. They are flexible and an educator is not essential for children to partake in them.

We understand that sometimes things go unplanned but on the regular please be mindful of everyone in the program and plan to arrive by 8:30 so that YOUR CHILD can benefit from all their day has to offer.

Child care is essential for most families that need to work- but remember your children are thriving from their day to day activities!

The first 5 years of development are the most critical in a child’s brain.

Children who attend child care tend to have better communication skills, problem solving skills, enthusiasm for lifelong learning, ability to follow direction and work independently.  Just to name a few!!

We strive to offer high quality child care that meets the needs and developing minds of the children in our care.

As always we are closed at 5:30pm- we should be able to lock the doors at 5:30 as everyone should be on their merry way home! Please be mindful of everyone and pick up your children before closing. Daycare is hard work and just as you are excited to go home from work- your child(ren) is too- they are excited to kick back and share their day with mom and dad.

Please use caution on the driveway and walking up to the center- it has been very icy!

Please note our days of closure that are posted at the center. Family day weekend is coming up and there are some great activities you and your family can join in on!

We hope that you all enjoy this time with your loved ones! We live in an amazing area to get outside and enjoy being active as a family!

Love those around you and know that we are so grateful to have such an amazing group of children that we love spending time with.

We love all their ever curious minds and developing a program that engages them fully.







October News

Blind Bay Munchkins Blind Bay Munchkins Updates

Well what a busy September! We’ve been having a blast playing outside, exploring the changing season, making mud pies, biking, painting, science experiments, making new friends and so much more!




To all our new families that joined us in September you all fit right in and we are so happy to develop relationships with your children and thank you for choosing us for that important job of caring for your littles! All the children are developing new relationships with each other and are blooming in their environments!

At the end of September we headed to Pete Murray’s corn farm. What a blast! The kids enjoyed riding behind the tractor, feeding the sheep corn and picking the perfect pumpkin.

We will be continuing to go on field trips for the next little bit until the snow fly’s! We will be doing local hikes, parks and walks. If anyone knows any fun little farms in the area that wouldn’t mind a bunch of cute children visiting please let us know! 🙂

We would like to thank all you amazing parents for sending your children prepared for the weather! We have been so delighted that all the children have the appropriate gear for the weather! The children are also super excited to go splash around and make mud slides & pies in their outside gear! THANK YOU!

As the weather gets colder please think about sending some warmer outside stuff. Fleece coats or sweaters to go under muddy buddies and little gloves and hats are always nice for the colder mornings. We continue to play outside for the majority of the day and want everyone to be toasty warm!

At the dollar store you can find little packs of finger mittens that the children love to wear- it keeps their hands warm but they can still play to their hearts content! 🙂

On a sad note we will be saying goodbye to Quinn as she heads in another direction. Quinn has been a creative, kind and fun educator- we will all miss her but wish her all the best on her adventures ahead!

With all bad news comes a ray of sunshine! We have the great pleasure of having Stacey join us, Stacey has been working in childcare for many years but most recently at some local farms as she enjoys traveling and seeing the world! We welcome Stacey with open arms- her fun, free flowing and kind personality shines as she plays and develops relationships with the children. She has been coming in and playing for a couple hours for most of September and will be joining us for full days after Thanksgiving. 🙂











*****Reminder ****

We will be closed Friday October 11th and Monday October 14th for the Thanksgiving weekend.

We hope you all enjoy this time with your loved ones.

We are so thankful to have such an amazing group of children; having the pleasure of spending our days playing, exploring and learning together!