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Munchkin Parents!

Please click on the following link to read our September Newsletter ——>Sept2021 Newsletter

Licensing still requires us to follow all COVID policies and procedures. Your child will be sent home if they present any symptoms, please have a backup care plan in place.

Please re-review our COVID policies here      —–>    COVID Updated Policies All Centers

We continue to encourage everyone to follow the direction of our health authorities. Remember that your bubble is our bubble and vice versa. We do not social distance from your children, we hug them and love them as they are. We thank you for being mindful of your interactions with others as we keep each other safe as a community.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Sam.

Please save this calendar of closures to refer back to- Calendars are also posted on all doors 🙂









Did you know that we participate in the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative?

The Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative  enhances child care affordability by offering funding to eligible, licensed child care providers to reduce and stabilize parents’ monthly child care fees.

This is automatically deducted from your child care fees every month!

If you’d like to see the exact fees with or without the CCFRI just check out our listed fees on our webpage.