October News

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Well what a busy September! We’ve been having a blast playing outside, exploring the changing season, making mud pies, biking, painting, science experiments, making new friends and so much more!




To all our new families that joined us in September you all fit right in and we are so happy to develop relationships with your children and thank you for choosing us for that important job of caring for your littles! All the children are developing new relationships with each other and are blooming in their environments!

At the end of September we headed to Pete Murray’s corn farm. What a blast! The kids enjoyed riding behind the tractor, feeding the sheep corn and picking the perfect pumpkin.

We will be continuing to go on field trips for the next little bit until the snow fly’s! We will be doing local hikes, parks and walks. If anyone knows any fun little farms in the area that wouldn’t mind a bunch of cute children visiting please let us know! 🙂

We would like to thank all you amazing parents for sending your children prepared for the weather! We have been so delighted that all the children have the appropriate gear for the weather! The children are also super excited to go splash around and make mud slides & pies in their outside gear! THANK YOU!

As the weather gets colder please think about sending some warmer outside stuff. Fleece coats or sweaters to go under muddy buddies and little gloves and hats are always nice for the colder mornings. We continue to play outside for the majority of the day and want everyone to be toasty warm!

At the dollar store you can find little packs of finger mittens that the children love to wear- it keeps their hands warm but they can still play to their hearts content! 🙂

On a sad note we will be saying goodbye to Quinn as she heads in another direction. Quinn has been a creative, kind and fun educator- we will all miss her but wish her all the best on her adventures ahead!

With all bad news comes a ray of sunshine! We have the great pleasure of having Stacey join us, Stacey has been working in childcare for many years but most recently at some local farms as she enjoys traveling and seeing the world! We welcome Stacey with open arms- her fun, free flowing and kind personality shines as she plays and develops relationships with the children. She has been coming in and playing for a couple hours for most of September and will be joining us for full days after Thanksgiving. 🙂











*****Reminder ****

We will be closed Friday October 11th and Monday October 14th for the Thanksgiving weekend.

We hope you all enjoy this time with your loved ones.

We are so thankful to have such an amazing group of children; having the pleasure of spending our days playing, exploring and learning together!